Feeder Cam

These are archive images taken of three of the bird feeders in my backyard.

I fill these feeders almost every morning, but they are often empty by 2PM, and the activity (logically) diminishes greatly at that time!

House finches, house sparrows, northern cardinals, blue jays, white-winged doves, and red-bellied woodpeckers are all frequent visitors at these feeders. Squirrels are "permitted" to visit only the feeder on the fence.

Screaming blue jay. Red-bellied woodpecker and white-winged dove.
Two white-winged doves (one struggling to keep
balance), house finches, and a squirrel.
Northern cardinal on the fence feeder,
white-winged dove and house sparrows.
Red-bellied woodpecker (female), house sparrows,
house finches, and a squirrel on the fence.
Blue jay and house sparrows. Squirrel in background.
Blue jay (right), house sparrows (left). White-winged doves and house finches.
The front two feeders, swarming with house
finches (see the red flash on the male in flight?)
Red-bellied woodpecker and house sparrows.